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Solutions For Flat Feet

People with flat feet suffer a unique problem. While most people with the condition live normal and productive lives, it is often difficult for a person to play sports or live a pain-free life. While it is difficult to live with the condition, there are a few options for the over pronator who wants to improve his or her life. Some options are painful and expensive while other options are free, though when looking to improve the condition; one must realize that every option will take time.

Of course, before getting started, one must verify that they have flat feet by taking the wet-foot test. This test is easy; a person would put their foot in water, and then put their foot onto a piece of paper. When looking at the outline, a flat-footed person will see their whole foot outline on the piece of paper. Of course, when a person is not sure if they have the condition they should see a podiatrist to verify the condition.

Once a person verifies that they over-pronate, they can decide what they want to do about the problem. Of course, some people may do nothing and live with the pain. Living with the pain can be an option, though most people should try a few methods before giving up altogether.

There are plenty of exercises to improve the condition. One of the easiest exercises is to sit on a chair and pick up a piece of crumpled up paper. When one can do this a few times a day, he or she can help rebuild some of the arch in the feet. This option is a good start as it will not cost anything. When using this exercise, one must be patient as it can take up to six months to start seeing results.


Yoga is another option; there are plenty of yoga options that can help one see serious results. To get into yoga, one does not have to take it too seriously or worry about metaphysical ideas. In fact, one can learn most of the techniques in their house by watching a video on the Internet. However, a serious yoga student should take time to understand the importance of doing the poses correctly the first time.

Other people use specialized insoles to relieve foot pain associated with having flat feet. Though insoles help reduce the pain, they do little fix the long-term problem. Of course, one must remember that over pronation is not something easily fixed, and insoles are an excellent way for one to enjoy life while having the condition. The advantage of insoles is obvious, with insoles one can wear whatever shoes they want and still help ease their and pain.

Finally, some serious athletes love to buy running shoes for flat feet or sneakers for flat feet. When buying specialized shoes, an athlete can enjoy the benefits of wearing a shoe made for someone with flat feet. Luckily, there are sneakers for almost every sport and all the main manufacturers make quality shoes for people who have flat feet.
The last resort option some people try is to have surgery. Unfortunately, surgery can be costly and painful. Surgery works, but it can leave a person in pain for a long time and costs too much money for most people.

In the end, there are many options for a person with flat feet. While some options are expensive, other options are free and can have lasting results. While some people opt to do nothing, it is crucial to realize that the problem can get worse with age, and one must seriously consider confronting the problem as soon as possible. A patient with flat feet should buy a serious pair of flat feet shoes and insoles to get started.