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Running and Flat Feet

Running is a strenuous activity that can provide the feet with a high impact activity as the feet hit the ground, as it is. For people that are trying to enter a running program with flat feet, the pain associated with the impact from running can be heightened – unless they make the right choice when it comes to the shoes that are going to be worn as part of the exercise apparel.

What should be considered when choosing running shoes for a runner that has been diagnosed with flat feet? When choosing running shoes for the runner that has been diagnosed with flat feet, there should be support throughout the entire shoe, but additional support should be present through the heel of the shoe to provide balance and absorb the shock from the foot hitting the ground and raised support through the arches in the shoe to provide the person with balance and agility that the fallen arches will not.

While searching for shoes, trying on the various styles may be fruitless unless the right features of the shoe have been chosen. Working with the sale personnel at the shoe store to explain the fallen arches and asking for assistance while choosing a pair that is going to provide the foot and leg with support through the running program.

Without the proper support chosen for the shoes that are going to be used through the running program, the person that has chosen the shoes can often experience pain while running, but also an increased amount of pain through day to day activities, even once the running program has been completed. Without the proper support to the arches, the feet can become even more damaged with the arches lowering even more and pain being experienced through the feet even when normal activities are being completed.