The Best Insoles For Flat Feet

Choosing a proper insole is a very important thing because you will be able to protect your feet from injury caused by shock or excessive pressure in the shoes. The best insoles for flat feet are those that provide extra support, absorb shock, are lightweight, long-lasting, best fitting and most importantly prevent aching of feet.

For high impact activities, you should consider buying an insole with more foam to prevent pain and strain. Buying the right type of insole will not only provide comfort but also increase productivity in what you do because you will not have to pay attention to whatever you are wearing.

I have highlighted a few types among the best insoles for flat feet that can work best for you that are available in the market today.


Best Insoles for Flat Feet

Superfeet-Green Premium Insoles

These insoles offer comfort to the feet, this is due to the high foam that they have. They also can work pretty well with running and hiking shoes. Its size ranges from medium to high and proper fitting volume footwear. It is the best insole for active styles because of the stability offered to the feet. It can also be able to support male feet because of its intermediate shape.

They are of high volume for casual and active styles to allow you to carry out your activities well and with ease. The stabilizer cap provides structure layer of the foam. That’s why it is the best insole for flat feet that absorbs shock during high-impact activities such as running, etc. They are free from latex material and have an organic covering that absorbs odor and eliminates bacteria in the feet.


It is an Amazon product that comes in color blue and comfortable cushion that allows for flexibility in the feet. It has been rated the best insole for flat feet that elevates pain in the feet. The extra cushion also provides extra support to the feet. The insole is long lasting and can be acquired in two categories, the pinnacle premium orthotic shoe and the full length orthotic full-length type that is the most sold. Powerstep offers the best quality in the market.

Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles

They are the best insole for flat feet that come in color blue that work well for women. The Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles are very comfortable in all types and sizes of feet. They are the best insole for flat feet to offer extra support because of its extra cushion. Its foundation is made up of closely linked polythene material that makes it firm and absorbs shock.